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ELB Partners lorry delivering for Batt Cables

A Kent-based cable distributor has strengthened its position as the UK’s leading supplier thanks to reliable logistics links amid increasing sales.

Batt Cables has seen a major boost in sales over the last three years and credits an 18-year partnership with ELB Partners Ltd with aiding its growth.

While the majority of suppliers halted distribution during the Covid-19 pandemic Batt Cables continued to operate throughout to supply electricians and other keyworkers with cabling, including fibre-optic and data carrying cabling and accessories to keep the UK connected throughout lockdown.

As a result, the Erith cable company picked up a raft of new customers that have stuck with the firm ever since.

The increase in demand has required additional flexibility from our team, who have been utilising our membership of the Pallet-Track network to roll out a first-class distribution service for Batt Cables.

Having originally been enlisted to moved 10 pallets per night, we’re now distributing 150 pallets – between 125 kilos and one tonne of cable – daily on behalf of the cable specialist via Pallet-Track.

Delivering on-time, in-full is a priority for Batt Cables as any delays can be costly for customers whose needs range from short-length domestic wiring to cabling for deep-sea industrial oil, gas and petrochemical connectivity.

Gary Heuerman, transport manager at Batt Cables, said: “Our priority is getting products to where they need to be on time because any delay can be costly for us and our customers.

“Electricians waiting for cables may pass on the cost of a delay, while a manufacturing production line that has gone down can seriously impact other areas of the business, causing them to miss distribution and delivery deadlines.

“In March 2020, our competitors all went into lockdown while we remained fully operational, which resulted in a big increase in demand for our cables.

“Customers who came to us during that time have stayed with Batt Cables, upping our distribution from two trailers to three trailers per day.

“Having a reliable logistics solution has been key to our growth during this time as we have needed increased flexibility to meet the requirements of our UK-wide customers and the sharp growth in sales we have experiences.

“ELB Partners has met our every need; the scanning and tracking capabilities enable us to see exactly where goods are while in transit and their investments in new, cleaner vehicles is also important to us as a company.”

Peter Eason, managing director, said: “We’ve been supporting Batt Cables with its short-haul requirements for 18 years and fully understand the time-critical nature of their goods.

“As their logistics partner, we are pleased to see the business go from strength to strength during such a challenging time and to be able to offer the flexibility they need to achieve this.”

Batt Cables plc employs 200 people across eight stock locations and has 20 sales offices around the world. It is also the oldest cable supplier in Britain having delivered excellence in connectivity to niche industries all over the world since 1952.

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5th December 2022